Aretha Franklin Dies Without a Will or Living Trust, $80M at Stake

By |August 23rd, 2018|Estate Planning, Probate|

Legendary singer and performer Aretha Franklin died on August 16, 2018, leaving behind a legacy of thousands of performances, and countless chart topping Jazz and R&B hits. What did she not leave behind? A will or living trust. When someone passes away without a will or living trust, they die “intestate”. This means that there are no official documents that instruct Franklin's heirs on how to distribute her assets. A recent Gallup poll suggests that only 44% of Americans actually have a will, which leaves the vast majority of people’s children responsible to dispose of their property when they die [...]

Obtaining a Guardianship in the State of Illinois: Understanding a Petition’s Preliminary Process

By |August 14th, 2018|Guardianship|

Seeking the legal guardianship of another person or of his or her estate can be a necessary tool for many parties. While advantageous, the process for petitioning for a guardianship can be difficult. Incorrectly filing for a guardianship can result in the denial of such which can be time consuming as well as financially straining. In order to seek the guardianship of another person or of his or her estate, it is important to understand the general overview of the petition process. Further, while petitioning for a guardianship can be submitted without the assistance of an estate attorney, the support [...]

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