Guardianship is generally established for minors and senior adults who cannot make financial or health-related decisions. If you ever need to establish a guardianship for your near and dear one, you should strongly consider hiring a guardianship attorney.

A guardianship attorney can help you in navigating through the complex court procedures. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can benefit from hiring a guardianship attorney in Chicago, IL.

1. Help in Preparing Initial Petition

A petition needs to be made in the court for assigning a guardian. Preparing the petition is no easy task. You need to conform to legal requirements regarding the initial petition. A guardianship attorney in Illinois will assist you in making the petition, and then represent you in the court during the initial hearing.

2. Provide Guidance Regarding Fiduciary Obligations

A guardianship attorney will also help you on fulfilling the fiduciary obligations. The attorney will help you in interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, and doing anything else that is required before commencement of the trial. Also, the attorney will assist you in preparing a report of the total assets of the ward that includes:

  • List of assets
  • Type of assets
  • Location of assets
  • Title of assets
  • Estimated value of assets

Furthermore, an experienced guardianship attorney will also help you in collecting doctor’s certifications, medical records, contact details of relevant personnel, and any other requirements of the court.

3. Inform you About Guardianship Laws

Getting the services of the attorney will help make the entire process of assigning a guardian easier for you. A guardianship attorney will share the wealth of information regarding Illinois guardianship and conservatorship laws. The fact is that Illinois laws undergo changes. That’s why it’s imperative that you work with an experienced local attorney who has years of experience in dealing with guardianship cases.

4. Ensure Asset Protection

The main goal of creating a guardianship for the ward is protection of assets. In this context, the services of a guardianship attorney will prove invaluable. The attorney will provide specialized advocacy on your behalf to ensure maximum protection of the assets. The specialized services of a guardianship attorney will help you to convince the court to take actions to preserve the protected individual’s assets against nursing home or Medicaid costs.

5. Give Advice for Alternative Options

Guardianship and conservatorship are not always the right options. An experienced attorney will advise you whether you should go for guardianship or other alternative options such as power of attorney or a Developmental Disabilities Endowment Trust. You can rest assured that the special needs of your ward will be taken into account when you get legal counsel from a guardianship attorney.

Hiring a guardianship attorney can offer many more benefits. Make sure that you hire an experienced guardian who has the credentials and skills to provide you the best legal services. For more information on guardianship, or to discuss any other option for your ward, you can contact Chicago Estate Lawyer by calling 312-313-7018. We serve residents in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas.