A parent has the legal responsibility of taking care of a child. However, in certain cases, a parent is no longer able to look after the child. In such a situation, a person other than the parent can assume the position of legal guardian.

Guardianship is the process of filing a petition in the court to assign a guardian for a child. You should understand the different types of legal guardianship before making a petition in the court. Here you will learn about the five different types of legal guardianship allowed in Illinois.

1. Permanent Guardianship

A permanent guardianship is used when a person other than the parent is assigned a permanent responsibility of the child. This type of guardianship is generally assigned when both the parents have died.

2. Limited Guardianship

Limited guardianship is used when the child does not require extensive supervision. The powers of the guardian to make decisions are limited to the extent necessitated by the physical, mental, and adaptive limitations of the child. In other words, the guardian makes only those decisions that cannot be made by the ward. The powers of the limited guardian are specifically mentioned in the court order.

3. Guardian of the Estate

A guardian of the estate is a type of limited guardianship. Under Illinois state laws, a guardian of the estate is responsible for managing income, assets, bank accounts, investment, and court accounts. The aim of creating a guardian of the estate is to preserve, manage, and dispose the inherited assets in the best interests of a minor individual.

4. Guardian of the Person

A guardian of the person is the opposite of the guardian of the estate. The person assigned as the guardian of the person looks after all non-financial needs of the child. The guardian provide look after education, healthcare, comfort, and other personal care matters of the child.

5. Plenary Guardianship

Plenary guardianship is a combination of guardian of the estate and guardian of the person. The person assigned as a plenary guardian can make decisions relating to both the estate and personal care. The plenary guardianship can be permanent or for a short-term duration.

Get Help of a Professional Guardianship Attorney in Illinois

If you want to be assigned as a legal guardian of a child, it’s recommended that you get the help of a professional guardianship attorney. The process of filing a petition for assigning a guardian is complicated. An official petition needs to be filed for assigning a guardian.

A guardianship lawyer in Illinois will help you navigate through the court proceedings. In addition, the lawyer will inform you about your rights as a legal guardian. The experienced Illinois attorneys at Chicago Estate Lawyer can answer all your guardianship related questions. Contact us today by dialing312-313-7018 for more information.