If you are facing a debilitating health issue, you may consider obtaining a power of attorney for health care. A power of attorney for health care is a document that grants people the legal ability to make health care related decisions on your behalf. In order to petition for a power of attorney for health care purposes, the following elements should be considered:

  1. The appropriate power of attorney for health care form should be filled out.
    1. In the State of Illinois, there are two types of power of attorney forms available. One form concerns property and assets. The second type of power of attorney concerns health care decisions.
    2. For purposes concerning this article, the proper power of attorney form should be one for health care reasons. This form can be found on the State of Illinois website.
    3. If you are unsure what form is best suitable for your situation, contact a qualified estate attorney who has experience in the matter. With the help and support of a qualified attorney, you will also ensure that your form is valid for when you most need it to be.
  2. Understand the document being signed.
    1. One of the most important factors is understanding the document you are filling out.
    2. A power of attorney can be useful and provide you peace of mind, if you understand what you are filling out.
    3. When signing the document, be sure to fill it out accurately and sign in the corresponding areas. A document that is not signed accordingly can be invalid.
  3. Sign the power of attorney in front of a witness.
    1. In the State of Illinois, the document will be invalid if it is not signed in front of a witness. The witness must not be the following:
      1. Be your medical care provider or physician
      2. The individual who you have named as your agent to be granted the power of attorney
      3. The person who has helped you fill out the power of attorney document
      4. Be a person who is a relative of your agent or a close relative of you
    2. The power of attorney for health care should also be notarized in order to be held valid.
  4. Make copies of the document
    1. A power of attorney is an important document. Appropriate copies should be given to the necessary parties involved.
    2. Copies of the document should be provided to the health care providers involved, the agent who is representing you, and any secondary agents you have selected.
    3. It is important to give your primary agent the original form. A medical provider will ask the agent for this original copy in the event that you need the agent to represent you.

Seek Legal Representation

A power of attorney for health care reasons is one of the most important documents to consider if you are facing a debilitating situation. It can help to provide peace of mind, if filed correctly. In order to ensure that your power of attorney for health care is valid, consult with a legal professional to guide you through the process. An attorney with the right experience can make sure that your power of attorney is resilient even when you are no longer able t say so. Seek the assistance and support of an estate lawyer that is right for you; Chicago Estate Lawyer can be an essential tool to do so.